Sports Betting Strategy - Back Home Team

Let us get started with betting strategy and let us focus on an easy way to make money: Backing the home team when our calculation tells us to bet! By using this strategy, we should be capable of reaching a yield of around 10% as the following graph proofs.

Avg Odds

All data and the corresponding graphs are calculated by using data sets of all matches of more than 80 leagues, starting with the season 2016/17. X-Axis shows the amount of bets placed, Y-Axis the cumulative win in units. To make it easy, the data is calculated and provided by using a flat one unit betting strategy. I know this is not the most advanced strategy but if you manage to make winnings by using a flat betting strategy, you will certainly manage to make even more money by using other betting strategies, e.g. Kelly.

However, the line chart above shows us the development of all settled bets and what maximum yield is achievable if we manage to use the provided data correctly. The pie chart below shows us the corresponding hit-ratio (correct vs incorrect predictions). Please note, that all data and graphs are dynamic and the data will be updated automatically with every new entered match. Hence, expect the numbers to be changed frequently.

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Pie chart: Hit-Ratio