• filter_dramaAbout the data

    What you see on this page is an overall overview of the outcome of all bets, which our mathematical model calculated and recommended. The performance as seen below is divided into two main sections.

    Section one provides you with the data for the system's recommendations of betting on a home team win and is visualized by the first two graphs and pie charts. In this section the left chart and data show the performance with soft-bookmaker odds, the right chart with Pinnacle (sharp-bookmaker) odds. Both odds (soft and sharp) at closing line.

    Section two provides you with the data for the system's recommendations of betting on an away team win and is visualized by the last two graphs and pie charts. As it is the case with the home team performance in section one, the left graph and data are based on soft-bookmaker odds at closing line, whereas the right graph and data are based on Pinnacle's odds at closing line.

    The graphs and the amount of matches are constantly updated with every new match entered in our database. The amount of bets with soft-bookmaker odds will always be bigger than the amount of bets with Pinnacle odds due to the fact that we are tracking over 100 leagues and some of the leagues are not being offered by Pinnacle. Hence, we can not track those leagues/matches with Pinnacle odds.

  • placeDeeper analyses

    To get a deeper look in our analyses, please visit the following section: Yield Back 1 and Yield Back 2, which also lead you to league specific analyses (see right side in the link). Also read our article and the deeper analyses about the odds ranges and the range performances: Strategy Back 1 and Strategy Back 2. On top, we highly recommend you to work with the model and the usage and take our offer for the free Austrian Bundesliga, where you will find more information about the model and the data usage.

  • whatshotData usage

    In case you are interested in the usage of our model and the data, please read the pricing information and contact our support. In case you think statistical sports betting is too complicated for you or takes too much time, we also offer simplified, personal selected top bets, which we will also extend in the near future.

Yes, we beat...

Pinnacle line.

Our matches are tracked with Pinnacle odds and we are proud to announce that our mathematical algorithm beats the Pinnacle opening & closing line and of course all other sharp- and soft-bookmakers.

Restricted from betting on Pinnacle? Don't worry! With AsianConnect you can still use all Asian Bookmakers. If you need help with AsianConnect or if you are interested in the usage of our data, please contact us for more information.